Imaging and Data Visualisation

Imaging and Data Visualisation

Concept art
Concept art

A completely new idea we had was the create an image that portrayed the creation of ideas. A very simple idea was the lighting of lightbulbs which traditionally signified idea creation. The conveyer belt goes into the man’s brain through his ears and there his mind lights up the bulbs. This was only a rough drawing and will be revamped in the future.

conveyer belt concept2

This was the final re-vamped image. I incorporated the earlier idea of the Dark Side of the Moon spectrum “of ideas” as well as taking into account our feedback. Conann wanted to see what was going on behind the eyes, so I drew a brain with lightning shooting out of it which can be seen through the corneas. I added extra detail to the lighting and hair texture as well as actually putting effort into the conveyer belt.


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