That time when we came up with a bunch of ideas but never settled for anything

“Create a World”

That was our briefing. We have to create a fully functioning, habitable (by anything; machines, aliens, creatures, plants, bacteria etc) world that could fit inside a coffee cup or stretch out across galaxies. Our team for the first week, The Human Beans as we called ourselves, started off by brainstorming what a world is.

We narrowed the concept of a world down to two main factors: Literal and Perceived, the literal world being an ecosystem or environment and the perceived world being one inside your head. This project could have gone in either of the two directions. We each came up with a few ideas and shared them with the group.

Some of the ideas included:

  • Existential Nightmare World – A man is trapped inside his own little “box”. He believes he is the only thing that really exists and everything else is just in his head. Nothing is real.
  • Coffee Cup World – The coffee is the universe. The “big bang” is when the water meets the granules and the end is when the last drop has been drunk. Civilisations and class-systems are formed by the Human Beans who live in the coffee.
  • Traffic Light World – A world inside the traffic lights. The Red, Amber and Green lamp people live to warn the humans of the dangerous vehicles.
  • Alternate History – The meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs never struck Earth. Dinosaur keep on evolving into super predators and even dragons. The rest of life on Earth adapts with the dragons to form bigger, stronger and stranger to harmonise with the new sentient beings.
  • Sock Drawer World – Dust Mites living in the sock drawer who eat socks. This is why you always lose one of your socks.
  • Stove World – A never-ending war between the Fire People and the Coal People.
  • Yellowstone World – The Yellowstone super-volcano erupts and wipes out humankind. The rats and corvids mutate and take over the world.
  • Inverted World – Everyone lives on the hollow interior of the planet and adapts to this weird, dark environment.
  • Meteor World – Life on a meteor flying through space. Most meteorites are made from amino acids, so the creatures/plants/formations would all be made out of proteins.

photo 20 photo 21 photo 22 photo 23 photo 24 photo 25

We never got a chance to fully settle on one particular idea before we switched tables.


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