Trying to stay true to the first team’s garbage world we tried to think of many ways to carry on the theme of an intergalactic dump without being too pedestrian. I came up with the idea of using a Black Hole as the focal point of our world, as Black Holes are essentially an extremely dense mash-up of everything and anything that gets pulled into it. As we have no idea and have no way of finding out what happens once everything gets pulled into a Black Hole, we invented a scenario whereby when everything that gets sucked into the Event Horizon (the black circular bit of the black hole, if you will) merges into the point of singularity (when all the matter is compressed into one super-dense volume) it is merged together into the oddest combinations. The part we invented was what happens next: when all the matter that falls and is compressed in the black hole expands again on the other side, Beyond the Event Horizon.

photo 28photo 29 photo 31

Everything that falls into the Black Hole – planets, suns, life – merges into strange combinations of the lot, creating mountains of foam and spaceships, leopards made of fire and bicycles, skyscrapers made from a turtle and bats wings. Everything odd and wonderful.

photo 32 photo 34


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