Trailer for the Christopher Nolan movie Interstellar (2014)

This made us think about another civilisation outside of the Black Hole (so there’s two worlds beside and beyond the event horizon). The civilisation would be the last in the universe and the only way to power their space station is to harness the gravitational energy created by the Black Hole. These creatures are in search of a Utopia and decide to send scouting missions beyond the event horizon to see if there is a change of finding a new home beyond the universe.

The Doctor Who episodes “The Impossible Planet” and “The Doctor’s Wife” also influenced our idea.

Screenshot from "Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet"
Screenshot from “Doctor Who: The Impossible Planet”
Screenshot from "Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife"
Screenshot from “Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Wife”

“The Impossible Planet” is an episode that takes place on a dwarf planet that is strangely orbiting a Black Hole without falling into it’s gravitational pull (this was actually caused by Satan doing some weird space shit but we’ll ignore that). This made us think about how the civilians living in the Space Station around the Black Hole would survive. They could maybe have super powerful engines on their spacecraft that can withstand the pull of the event horizon.

“The Doctor’s Wife” takes place on a planet outside the universe and is essentially a giant dumping ground for any space junk floating around the place. The planet is made of giant derelict spacecraft, bits of old machinery and tonnes and tonnes of dead organic matter. The inhabitants of the planet (as seen in the picture above) are made out of “space parts”. They replace any part of them that falls ill with anything they can find. This was the inspiration for the mash-up of creatures on Utopia (which is what we’ve named the world beyond the event horizon).


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