From Disney's "The Illusion of Life"
From Disney’s “The Illusion of Life”

Applying a personality to a very simple object without any distinguishing features seemed like a task. I researched some videos to give me a clue on how to achieve this. This scene from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959) is a perfect example of giving inanimate and seemingly lifeless characters (the household objects, the sack of flour, the eggs etc) a personality.

From Disney's "Illusion of Life"
From Disney’s “Illusion of Life”

The emotion I was going for in my Wormy animation was mainly curiosity. The stepped animation looks a little off because I didn’t actual use key-poses first, I went straight into the fluid animation, which is quite odd as I’m usually really good with using key frames in my 2D animations, I just found that Straight Ahead Active animating on Maya seemed a lot more natural looking and allowed me to see the movement a lot clearer. I actually like how the final smooth animation turned out. Wormy (that is his name. Deal with it.) looks like he has a¬†personality and weight.



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