Obstacle Course – Claw

The Claw would primarily be practice for the Principle of Follow through and Overlapping Animation, though I wanted to apply what I had learned in the previous week which was to give the claw a personality like I did with Wormy.

Luxo the lamp from Pixar’s famous logo introduction and the short “Luxo Jr” exemplify the application of a personality to a very simple character and I wanted to try a similar technique with Carl.

My plan for the animation was Carl would throw the ball and then proceed to watch it descend through the course. I then noticed that the ball would not reach the halfpipe (where I had intended it to stop) without the leap becoming too large for it’s momentum and making the animation look silly. I then made the decision to make Carl “use the force” to “pull” the halfpipe so it fell over allowing the ball to slide up it’s curve and come to a stop further along the track.

Anyone who’s comfortably watching TV when the remote is a little out of reach knows exactly what happens. You straighten and  strain your arm a little (Obi Wan will be disappointed) and eventually try to pull the object towards you but pretending like there is some great weight attached to your hand. I used my own hand as a reference.

The arm then comes to a comfortable stop along with the ball.


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