Opening Credits

We looked at several openings from movies and TV shows that we thought would be appropriately linked to our World, common denominators being war, history, and greyscale (as we decided pretty early on that we should use a very basic colour scheme, preferably stark black and white)

The opening to “Intruders” reflects the supernatural/thriller genre of the show, showing imagery that would reflect its themes. The very rustic style I found pretty awesome.

I liked this scene (probably the best bit in the whole movie) showing Logan through WWI, WWII and Vietnam which I thought tied in nicely to the history/war theme we were going with.

The dark colours and sharp contrasts in this are awesome.

The famous Psycho opening by Saul Bass. Black and white/linear

Music video. Black and white + dancing line. Very discrete use of colour.

Because of the war tie-in. Plus this show is awesome.

The type of style we liked the most with the SHIELD/HYDRA mirroring. We wanted to do this with the light/dark side people, with the light siders facing upwards and the dark siders facing downwards. The darks would be white against a black background and the lights would be black against a white background.


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