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I made this Darksider on the game "Spore"
I made this Darksider on the game “Spore”

We began by simply compiling all our ideas for the game. In the end we decided that what we wanted was:

  • Endless runner
  • – App game
  • Can switch between Light/Dark at any point
  • Lights/Darks have different abilities for instance Darks can smash through walls and Lights can crawl through small spaces
  • Collect objects (power sources for the drills?) like how you would collect rings in Sonic etc and you can use them to buy upgrades like better armour/weapons/warpaint that affect your stats.
  • When you play as a Lightsider you’re in the Lightworld and when you switch to a Darksider you’re in the Darkworld but the layout of the level is exactly the same with only very minute colour differences, so basically the two Light/Dark characters are progressing exactly the same.

The Logo is very clearly inspired by the Yin Yang symbol.


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