Drawing inspiration


“The concept of an endless runner is simple. You run until you die. Despite its simplicity, endless running games are among the most ubiquitous and popular games in the App Store. This AppGuide looks not only at “runners” in the strictest sense, but also at games which capture the spirit of the endless runner. These include games with other types of endless motion, as well as endlessness in dimensions other than the horizontal.” – from the above website

After considering gaming styles like a simple 2-hit battle game or something more complex like a RPG Pokémon style game we decided to go with an endless runner. We came to this conclusive decision based on these images:

opening style test

Shot3: Lights start drilling

We learned that the linear black and white element of the drawings was a big hit when we received our feedback, so we thought we should elaborate on that aspect, and make the characters run along in a straight line.

We came up with the idea that our characters should be chased by a giant broken drill and need to run for their lives.


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