Final outcome

The Gameplay: (made by me) (The red circles/swipes represent someone touching the screen) The Customization: (made by Matthew Hamill) Presentation: (made by myself, but with contributions from the whole team. Put on Slideshare by Matthew)

The armour/weapons would give the character power-ups like increased speed/faster reactions/increased strength etc. The final outcome was exactly how we had envisioned it: a simple interface with interesting visuals and a pretty awesome customization menu. There was one tiny problem, I tried to add a faint background for the actual gameplay (running part) that would change (lighter or darker, friendlier or scarier looking depending on whether you were the Lightsider or Darksider) when you switched character, but when it came to rendering the file it just turned block red, so that was a failure. Looking back, I think we may have played it safe with the endless runner concept, but we tried our best and I am pleased with what we all achieved. Goodbye Splitworld. We had some good times.


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