Choosing Character

The cast of The Thin Red Line is unnecessarily large, so pretty much everyone is a minor character. At first we decided on two characters each, which we decided was manageable.

We managed to pick out 8 characters that appeared at random points during the film, they are as follows and we gave them the following backstories:

  • Sergeant Keck – irony and a possible romance between him and Lieutenant Whyte
  • Marty Bell
  • Sergeant McCron – shellshock 
  • Captain Gaff – sibling rivalry
  • Colonel Fife – childhood abuse
  • Sergeant Storm – dreamer/relentless optimism
  • Private Train – fire-and-brimstone Zealot mother/low self esteem
  • Captain Bosche

We ended up ditching Bell and Bosche due to lack of time.

So, with our characters chosen, we each chose the one or two characters we wanted to focus on and watched the movie again while paying very close attention to our chosen characters; noting exactly when they appeared onscreen and what their actions were, and then invented plausible backstories and off-screen events for the characters as if they were the main protagonist.


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