Layout of the quote-unquote schematic

So, while being led by false information that should have been thoroughly researched you had one job I looked at ways we could present the…timeline…

I looked at timelines from some movies I liked that have a large cast of characters.

I guessed since all the timelines appeared to be linear I could try to incorporate a different shape in an attempt to be original. I looked at the actual map of Guadalcanal, the island where the movie takes place:

I thought the simple shape of the island would be a good basis for a…ugh…timeline. Some early concepts in my sketchbook show my imagines route of the soldiers passing from the north-western point of the island to somewhere in the south-east. I thought it would be a good idea to use the route the soldiers took in the film as a way of portraying the timeline.


However, when I did further research into the actual locations portrayed in the film, I noticed that the action was concentrated in a small 25sq mile area in the north of the island. If we were to use a map, we would have to zoom in really close.

I also knew since we had to also feature the Hero’s Journey in the quote-unquote schematic, and instead of blatantly labelling the different sections of the story I thought we could try to represent them subtly through visual means.


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