Fictional Belfast

Though the idea is not entirely PC, myself and Clare decided to have fun with the idea of a secluded Belfast cut off from the outside world, and what may happen socially inside our Flegship, as we so carefully named our floating city.

That name really does sum up the atmosphere of the place, doesn’t it?

We played about with the idea of having a George Orwell-ish feel to the place, specifically 1984, one of my favourite books of all time. We liked the idea of having this Flegship being like Big Brother, and our team (myself, Clare, Molly and Amy) being the “Party” who have total control over the inhabitants of 1984 London.

Clare made this beautiful banner for the Flegship:


The colours are based on the colours of 1984 London and the shape of the Flegship inside the red square is our final design for the silhouette of the city.

We decided to have a great Eye in the centre of Belfast, referencing Big Brother’s eye, that could be the upgraded version of City Hall. We first decided to use the Balls of the Falls sculpture, but after some research we decided to make the Eye more functional and we found this Dutch Windwheel that looks like a giant circular sculpture, but it is actually a wind turbine that generates power.

Here’s some links to Ingsoc ideals (from 1984):


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