Flegship is Love, Flegship is life


This was the origin of the Orwell-oriented approach to the project. I was just doodling in my sketchbook and when my drawing of Molly Murray turned out to be quite unnerving I thought it would be funny to make a parody of one of my favourite books of all time, 1984. The team thought this was hilarious and we soon began to make a spoof of 1984 with our city just for fun. However we ended up loving the idea of creating a dystopian, socialist, controlling society and eventually our city became centred on the idea.

Up to this point our project was simply gathering the data we needed and building structures to house the people comfortably. Now we were having a lot more fun. Following the Bauhaus proverb: “FUNCTION DICTATES FORM”, we began thinkings of a function for our city, and that was supreme control of the masses.

This was pretty much the result of myself and Clare Millar being left alone for a few hours and letting our twisted minds roam free.


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