Toasted Origins

The idea we stuck with was this:

An excited family of toast live in the cupboard, when one of them gets chosen by the “Hand Of God” they are all so proud and excited for their chosen bread. The chosen bread floats through the air, carried by the hand, and is so excited, until he is dropped in the toaster. The clamps inside the toaster briskly trap the bread, and the bread begins to realise this is where all chosen breads go to die. The toaster gets hotter and hotter and eventually he burns to death.

The original inspiration for this story was from a segment of An Evening with Noel Fielding, a comedy show I went to several months earlier. The segment involved a tribe of teabags living in the cupboard and getting chosen by the hand of ‘god’. When the main teabag gets chosen he spots what happens to the chosen teabags. He sees them dunked in boiling water and then getting squished on the draining board. He then escapes and tries to warn the Tea Tribes about the horrors of the kitchen.


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