We began writing down all our ideas on one of the whiteboards. It’s fair to say that our ideas were particularly varied, ranging from the bizarre to just plain politically incorrect:

We narrowed our extensive ideas down to a select few, they consisted of:

  • Interview with a Pig – A simple single-shot animation set in an interview scenario. A pig is sitting on the interview chair and the interviewer is showing him flash cards and asking him to react accordingly. The first image she shows the pig is of slops and the pig is very happy. Then the interviewer shows him a picture of David Cameron and the pig freaks out and runs away.
  • Pork Chop – Similar to ‘Interview with a Pig’, it stars the swine feeling the after effects of the Prime Minister’s abuse and learns self-defense to keep the danger at bay.
  • Go, Granny. Go! – An old lady walks across the road. Little does she know she’s crossing the path of a super-intense drag race. The racers brake sharply to a halt and Granny steals one of their cars and drives away.
  • Architect – An architect shows his builders blueprints to a new house. The next day he comes back and finds that the builders have completed the project, but it’s the size of a doll’s house.
  • Amish Deathrace – A parody of Wacky Races and Mad Max, but with Amish people and horse and carts.
  • Infinite Pockets – A man loses his keys in his pockets and tries to take everything out in order to find them. He takes out his wallet, his phone, his cat, his car, a dragon, the titanic and the moon before eventually getting to his keys.
  • Huge Spider, Tiny Human – Like real life, but swapped. Now it’s the spiders who are scared of the humans.
  • Small and Far Away – A reference to Father Ted and a play on perspective. Two animals, one is small and one is far away in the distance, but the angle of the camera makes it appear like they’re level. A character picks up the one that appears to be the farthest away but in reality it’s the one that’s close.
  • Anal Probe – Some astronauts travel towards a black hole. It’s actually a gigantic anus.
  • Tiny Animals, Massive Teeth – A predator sneaks up on a cute little bunny. Just as the predator opens his jaws, the bunny opens her mouth revealing gigantic fangs and eats the predator in one swift bite.

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