Narrative – Big and Small

Keeping in mind the need to keep thinks simple, and our brief, we needed to revise our story several times until we got something that was short, sweet and amusing.

Looking back at the original story idea, we thought having three main characters was a tad excessive, so we decided to cut it down to only two, the granny and her opponent.

The story was revised to having granny being challenged to a race by a big “hard lad” who’s looking for any excuse to show off, but ultimately granny leaves him in the dust by winning the race.

Big and Small is represented by the small, sweet little old lady and her opponent, the big, obnoxious and in-your-face man.

The situation is¬†relatable because we have all been in the position where we just want to mind our own business and get on with our day when some big lad decides he wants to show off. It’s another example of brains trumphing over brawn.


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