The Origins of Mad Maxine

Our final idea: Go, Granny. Go!/Amish Deathrace was in need of some refinement. We couldn’t decide on whether or not we should have a horse-and-carriage race, or a proper motor drag race. Upon further consultation with the group we decided to go for a motor race as horses would be difficult to model and rig given our time constraints.

Preferring to simplify our animation we went for the original “Go, Granny! Go!” idea and scrapped Amish Deathrace altogether.

Our original idea for the story was to have two racers driving down a long straight track only to have to brake suddenly when the granny walks into the road. They beep at her to make her cross faster but she is having none of it and steals one of the cars before driving away.

The idea for this badass granny came from this viral video:


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