3D Animatic

Using the models of Maxine and Chad, as well as the vehicle and landscape prototypes, I put together a simple 3D animatic on Maya designed to get the timing and camera angles correct.

We did not deviate at all from our original plan (apart from a wider shot when Maxine zooms away over the train track/starting line) and stuck very loyally to our initial story.

Problems we identified were the extremely high poly count of the characters that would make them difficult to control (a fault in modelling), and the size of Chad’s shoulders that would make it difficult to fit him into a traditional car shape (a slight design flaw, but one we could work with.)

We also received some feedback that Maxine’s face was slightly lumpy and almost hag-ish, and that we would need to smooth it out to make her more visually pleasing.

Another criticism was that it was unclear why Chad’s car stopped when Maxine took off over the starting line. Though we made in clear in our plans and our 2D animatic that Chad had stalled his car, it didn’t translate very well into 3D, it looked as though he hadn’t bothered to start his car at all. We took this into account and worked on making Chad’s stall look more exaggerated.


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