Modelling Abyss – Conceptualisation

For the modelling aspect of our development project, the team decided on using Katie Noble’s artwork titled “Abyss” as the foundation for our idea.


We liked the jagged mountainous terrain along with the ghostly looking mining town at the end of the valley.

The first thing that struck me was that the bottom of the valley is largely kept in shadow, obscuring what could be lying there, or what the cranes could be digging up. The first thing that this reminded me of was one of the opening scenes from Godzilla (2014) were the skeleton of a huge monster was being dug up from a quarry.expedition

I was drawn to the idea of having a huge rift at the bottom of the valley that has swallowed a proportion of the mining village, where something huge had cracked the earth in its attempt to escape from the ground, and in the process destroyed the mining town.


The idea then was to tell a narrative: Something huge escaped from the earth in this mining town and the residents and workers fought back, but were overwhelmed and made a quick escape, abandoning the half-destroyed site.


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