Planning the modelling

This plan was made on a Google Docs sheet so that the team could see what needed to be made and what was already being made.



  • Ground 
  • Boulders (large,medium,small)
  • Foliage 


Buildings (some can be half-destroyed)

    • Bunkhouse for the miners
    • Storage buildings (tools (sledgehammer, pickaxe, wedge), artillery, general storage)
    • Refininer + adjacent storage building
    • Mine shaft
    • Cranes x3 
    • Observation building 



    • Toppled mine carts
    • Soldier carrier truck
    • Transport vehicle for carrying rocks (standing/toppled)
    • Antique cars

Effects/Miscellaneous items

    • Mine cart track
    • Sandbag barriers
    • Pistols (bullets)
    • Larger guns
    • Piles of rubble
    • Piles of mined rocks
    • Antique lamp posts
    • Barbed wire fences
    • Road Barrier
    • Barrels
    • Crates

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