Completed Walk and Run Cycles

After learning from my mistakes, and by applying a little appeal to the animation, I ended up with four walk and run cycles that I view as complete.

Female Run: After two failed attempts at creating a believable run cycle, I was very proud with this result. There is power and force in the swing of her arms and legs, and there’s still a lot of personality to go with it.
Sassy Female Walk: I was very pleased with the result of this walk cycle. I chose this model to animate with because of the accentuated hips, which would look more dramatic in the hip swings. I think I did a good job portraying the weight of the character along with a sassy personality.
Male Moonwalk: Initially made for a bit of fun, I actually ended up really liking this animation. Using myself, as I possess the ability to Moonwalk, and some Michael Jackson videos as a reference, I completed this simple cycle. I especially like the arc of the arms swinging.
Girl Skipping: As previously shown in the compilation post, I liked the very bouncy and very lightweight feel to this character



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