Movie References

As we wanted to add as many references as possible, we looked to some iconic movie moments that would inspire us in terms of cinematography and tone.

Apollo 13 (1995):

Apollo 13 (1995): Launch Sequence. The dramatic tilted angles showing off the massive explosion that fires the rocket into space looked spectacular, and we felt that we could pay homage to this great scene by firing Big Ben into space in a similarly compositioned way.
Service Structure falls away: The long sweeping shot of the tower as it is removed from the rocket was epic and awe-inspiring (especially considering that CGI was relatively new technology and this movie was released on the same year as Toy Story).


Maleficent (2014):

Maleficent walking through the tightly-packed crowd, only her crown is visible. I thought this could be a good reference if we planned to add the Queen as a character; we would only have to model her crown as she walks through crowds of Royal Guards.


Shrek (2001):

Lord Farquaad on his way to waterboard the Gingerbread Man. It was the two guards just casually chatting that I really liked about this scene, and we thought it would be humourous if we included two Royal Guards just loitering around and taking it easy, then springing straight back into action as soon as they see the Queen approaching


The World’s End (2013):

The World’s End Gag Reel: Martin Freeman is too short. I thought this would be really funny to emphasize how short the Queen is compared to the guards.

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