Character Design Inspirations (Royal Guard)

As the Royal Guards were going to be the most abundant characters in the film, it was critical that we got their design perfect.

To begin, we looked at the concept art and final designs of the main cast of HM Spiffing:

spiffing style
Designs and models belong to BillyGoat Entertainment


We also looked at the designs of Aardman characters, which we were told were one of the biggest inspirations for the designs of HM Spiffing:



As seen in the examples shown above (“Wallace and Gromit” (1989-) and “Flushed Away” (2006) we can see that Aardman characters generally have large hands and very cylindrical bodies, and we could easily identify the features  that inspired the art style of HM Spiffing.

Utilising our new knowledge, we went straight to creating a design for the Royal Guard. The basic body shape would be similar to Captain English, the game’s protagonist, where they are well built with slim legs, but with more emphasis on the height of the character.





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