Getting Started

4th August 2016

To begin, I was taught how to set up a project directory so I could easily share and find certain files with the rest of the team.

I was then introduced to the website Shotgun, where the company had already organised all the scenes and the shots, and had clearly identified what had already been completed and what needed to be done. I was assigned Scene 1 – Shot 160 as my first job. Most of it had already been animated; all I needed to do was fix some awkward head and chest movements.

In the beginning I found it a little difficult to set up the Maya directory, but I did eventually figure out how to fix the problem and started working.

There was an issue, however, with the image plane in the background that was supposed to show the live action footage that we would be animating over. The plane was not fixed to the camera as it should be, and was instead static, and much further down the page than it should have been.


This made matters tricky when it came to actually animating the head and chest while trying to align the motions to the movement of the human actor. I did my best, and later on in the day I was shown how to fix the problem.


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