Day 5

16th August 2016

Shot ts01_0160, which I had been working on for the last 12 days, had been sent off to the compositors for a rough render,and I had been assigned my second shot: ts01_0130.I was to provide clean-up animation.

This was a shorter shot and needed only a few minor tweaks with very little acting. The feedback notes for the shot as it was were that there was a jittery piece of animation near the beginning of the shot, and a strange sliding motion that seemed to be pulling the character to the right hand side of the screen, away from the character’s body.

The jitter was easily fixed, but the sliding action required a little more work. I had never used animation layers before, and was hesitant to use them in case I ruined some of the pre-existing animation. I looked up some tutorials and eased my nerves about using animation layers, and managed to fix the sliding effect.

Sent in for review.


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