Receiving Feedback

My job was to produce a 10 minute storyboard (give or take 3 minutes) of an episode. I was given the episode script, and a copy of the series’ Writer’s Bible, and was told to complete the storyboard of the episode, and send it to JAM Media for reviewing. The feedback was always constructive and extremely thorough, which was incredibly helpful.

There was usually a 3 day delay from when I would send in my copy of the storyboard, to when I would receive feedback, leaving 4 days to fix all the issues before I had to send in the new revised copy.

Any time I had a question I was normally answered within a couple of hours, which was incredible helpful.


The only problems I would have had over the entire process was that whenever I was having a technical issue, I was entirely alone. None of the team I was working with had any clue how to fix the issues I had with rendering or file formatting, and the tutorials and troubleshoots were entirely useless. It was only through sheer trial and error that I managed to complete some of the renders on time.


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