The Workflow + Writer’s Bible

Whilst I would be working from home, the JAM Media team were excellent at communicating and giving me all the instructions I would need to complete the project.

I was told that the software I would need for the project was Toon Boom Storyboard Pro, and it honestly was not very difficult at all to learn.

The most interesting this I learned whilst preparing for the project was the Writer’s Bible. I was sent a copy for the show I was working on, and I was blown away by all the stuff I didn’t know I should have even thought about! Little details like which of the main cast should be leading the party when they go on adventures, and how that same character must always be standing in the centre of the group when they’re not on the move. There were also other details like examples of movies/shows that we were basing the cinematography off (it was mostly Wes Anderson films), and little non-verbal quirks that some of the characters have. My favourite Writer’s Bible tip was how it described how each character would react if a banana were to spontaneously appear in front of them (some reactions were “immediately eat it” or “study it to learn more about inter-dimensional travel” which was especially humourous and taught me a lot about the personalities of the different characters). It was a really great way of establishing a world without the television show having existed yet, and a great way of ensuring consistency with the locations and the characters with all the different storyboard artists. I made a mental note to definitely make one of these in the future for my own projects!


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