Business Classes

One of the options we were given at the beginning of Placement Year was to begin our own start-up company. For the longest time I ruled this out as a possibility as I had neither the funds nor the confidence to build a business from scratch.

It wasn’t until Greg mentioned the beginning of a Business Course for anyone doing start-ups that I started to think about it. I had been out of work for a month and needed something to fill up the remaining weeks of my Placement Year.

The first week of the Business Course was an exercise in determining your audience and what your audience wants from a product or service. This was very interesting as I had never really considered all the thought and planning that went into creating the very idea of what a business could be.

The next couple of weeks of the business course consisted of the class bouncing ideas back and forth on what their businesses could be, as we were expecting to have a business up and running by the end of the 10 week program. It was around this time when Callum Luckwell and I decided to team up to work on the project together. I didn’t feel competent enough to start a business by myself as I feel I lack the confidence or the people skills required. Callum is a lot better at all of that than I am, so I thought I could learn from him while he could learn from me as I worked on most of the design and product development.


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