Creating a Brand

First of all we had to create a company name and logo. Our very first idea was to name the company after my new cat, Bean.


Anyone who has met Bean knows that he is incredibly friendly, yet very silly and quite hilarious, so we decided that he would be a perfect fun mascot for the company, and we decided to name the company Small Bean Studios (the “small” referring to how tiny Bean was when we first brought him home, and a reference to how small and humble the company is in it’s early stages)

Bean is incredibly expressive (especially for a cat) and I thought it would be a fun idea to create a company logo based on his silly face.

Solid Logo.png
This is the current Small Bean Studios logo. I wanted to keep it simple but still recognisable as a black cat. It started off as a bean-shaped black blob before I added the curled tail and pointy ears. I decided to keep the tongue out as I felt it light clutter the logo. This is just a first draft, as you can see the shape isn’t entirely smooth. I plan to remake it in the future with much cleaner lines.

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