Creating our Product

My first idea of a potential money earner was a simple Virtual Reality game that worked similar to the game Tilt Brush, in that you would draw a shapes in the air. However, my idea would have the player draw certain simple shapes, such as a lightning bolt or a rain drop, and those shapes would translate into magical attacks to be used against enemies in a game where you play as a mage/wizard.

The only problem with this idea is that neither I nor Callum have any experience in working with VR or with simple coding, and we wanted to create a product that would churn out some sort of profit by the end of the 10 week Business Course, so we took a step back and decided to make something that was a lot more manageable.

We decided to stick with the Drawn Runes = Magic concept and develop the idea more. We are both massive Tolkien and Dungeons and Dragons fans, and wanted to build a colourful fantasy world where this Runic Magic is utilised.

After much thought, we decided to create a webcomic based in this new fantasy world we had created, called the Vale.

For the actual story of the comic, we wanted to give it a bit of a unique edge, so we decided to go down the path that Season 19 of South Park went down; which was that they had an overarching plot, but in between they focussed on topics that were socially relevant, but still fit into the main narrative.



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