Our Plan

We planned to upload a page of the comic every week on the sites Tapastic and Webtoon. These are the two most popular platforms to upload comics and stories, and they also provide financial benefits to creators if their comic gains enough views. These are done through monetisation of the comic so that advertisers may promit their material on the same page, and if a comic gets popular enough, Webtoon itself will donate to the comic’s Patreon if there is one.



We created an uploading schedule that we felt was frequent enough that the audience would not lose interest, but also long enough so that we could draw the pages and maintain a certain level of quality.

We also set up a Patreon for Small Bean Studios where we could upload high definition versions of the comic pages (uploading to Tapastic and Webtoon requires you to lower the quality so you can upload multiple pages) as well as exclusive content for paying supporters.

We created three tiers of Patreon rewards for anyone wishing to support us financially:



These are the three tiers of Beans. Each tier will allow a supporter to view the comic 5 days before anyone else, and in high definition. They will also get to see concept art of locations and characters, and even scrapped story ideas. For the £20 pledgers, they will get to submit a character of their own creation, and we will work it into the story! As the minor details of the story are certain to change depending on future events, it is possible to work in new characters.


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