2D Effects in the Animation (Compositing)

While planning out how each shot would be animated, i came to the realisation that animating some of the shots and effects in the film would be far to complex and beyond by current abilities as a 3D animator.

The most difficult of these shots was going to be the rabbit silhouette transforming into the snake:


Having a rabbit-shaped silhouette morph into the shape of a coiled snake is easy enough to plan out if we were to animate this scene in 2D, but unfortunately this proved troublesome in 3D.

However, we found a solution to this problem by creating a very simple 2D transparent image of the rabbit shape, and carefully applying a light behind it in Affter Effects.

A ripple effect was added over the Rabbit silhouette, and I also keyed the opacity so that it would blend seamlessly into the 3D animation of the coiled snake.



I also used 2-D drawings and overlaid them on the 3-D animation for other effects, such as raindrops and leaves blowing in the wind.


These effects were composited in after the 3D animation was rendered. They are simple transparent drawings that I carefully placed over each scene to create the illusion of blustering leaves and pouring rain.


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