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TOASTED – The Finished Film


Toast Before Hoes

(Yes, the colours in the thumbnail are completely screwed up. But fear not, they are nice and bread-y in the video)

This was a fun little animation test I did before we started animating in 3D to get an idea about how these pieces of bread might move. Though we would not be lip-syncing in the actual film, I thought it would be interesting to try to see how the mouth and eyes would move in relation to the little noises a piece of bread might make.

Toon Shader VS Lambert


We were originally going for a very cartoonish, almost 2-Dimensional aesthetic for our film, but after experimenting with lighting we realised that it wasn’t going to happen. The Toon Shader wasn’t being affected by the lighting at all, and wasn’t casting the dark shadows we were looking for. Instead we went back to good ol’ Lambert, that cooperated with the lighting much better and still looked extremely cartoonish.