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Second to last Film

Some issues did arise in the film, such as in the first shot when some of the textures didn’t render and Maxine was floating, but despite a few minor issues we were happy with the product.

Things to fix:

  • Floating Maxine
  • Missing textures
  • Maxine’s idle animation in shots 2 and 4
  • Chad’s arm in shot 3
  • Smoke effects in shots 7 and 8


This was a slight error in animation. I tried to parent Maxine to a motion path so she would glide smoothly down the road, but issues with the manipulator tools meant that she would be locked facing left and floating, so we ditched the motion path and instead used basic keyframes.


I was assigned as head animator for the final product. I stuck as close as possible to our original plans while still incorporating new ideas and methods of movement.

(TheĀ above shot was added because we felt that the anticipation in the following shot was too long, and feedback received informed us that our audience wasn’t sure whether or not Chad’s car was going to move.)

(The car animated)

(Maxine animated)