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The Finished Animatic

I completed the first 22 seconds completely by myself. It was my assigned sequence and apparently the strongest (gets hit with a sledgehammer for blowing own trumpet). The third and final sequence (everything from the door opening to the end) was a bit of a disaster. No-one had edited together the final sequence and many individual drawings had not been completed.

While the first sequence had been thoroughly planned, the third was entirely improvised, and was probably why it was weaker.

I can’t find the scene anywhere but the very opening scene of “The Blues Brothers” (1980) where the guards and bringing Jake through the corridors of the prison was a huge inspiration for our animatic.

the finalised story

The story takes place within a prison on Exsecula. The Bee, who is our protagonist, is a convict and is sent to be executed by the Hangman, who is a giant tree.

This is a considerable leap from “I stg if you don’t stop singing” and “squealing worms”, but there was no way we were extending that to a 90 second animated without it getting annoying. Instead, we played our word game again and picked out the world “prison” and worked from there.


We thought the prison should look a little like this: cylindrical and bordered with roots.


finished sketch of a background. The Prison corridor.


bees beesketch lizardmanbeefinal


We wanted the characters to be easy enough to be copied by everyone in the group, so I drew them in a Disney-esque style (the bottom two being the final designs) and everyone managed to copy them alright.

We wanted the characters to have some form of colour and not be plain white, so we actually put some effort into the different tones that represent colour on the characters.

As the story ended up being quite dark, we made the character appear less cutesy and a bit more unsettling.

Creating the story

Myself, Aimee and Sorcha went to Starbucks, ripped up loads of bits of paper, wrote the most random crap on each piece, then at random picked up three and made a story out of them.

10311161_10152565872994102_5365335179597998553_n 10636248_10152565872909102_3557516257493524732_n 10647095_10152565872539102_160602424144567655_n

My favourite combinations include:

– Planet Ebola

– A midget tree party

– A big tree strangling a little tree

– a shapeshifting eel

– evil rabbits

– millions of rabid shrimp

– a little red lizard

– “hardly any animals were left.”

– “there was no more colour because-”

but in the end we went with

– “I swear to god if you don’t stop singing-”

– squealing worms