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To make an eyeball for the face (mostly to make the whole think look less creepy), I created a sphere, and created a small depression in the front faces to make the pupil. I then created a second sphere within the first one, but made it slightly larger and lowered the transparency (it is barely visible in the image). I added a blinn to give it the glossy shine.

The skull has been finished, and eyeballs have been added to make the empty sockets less creepy. Some problems I have encountered is the lumpy complexion and quite strange topology of the mouth.
A close-up of the mouth. I had added more edge loops around the mouth and moved around the vertexes to make the spacing of the edges more even.
I connected several of the edges on the forehead to lower the poly count, and also make the topology easier to control. At this point I had also added eyes, a feature I shall go into more detail on another post.
A wider view of the fixed topology. Here we can see the extent of the vertex-fixing.
Smoothed topology
The addition of ears.
The addition of a light.

The forehead and asymmetry

I began by extruding the upper edges of the eye, and then added a sphere with 18 subdivisions that would soon form the cranium. (also, in the following image  you will see that I added more edge loops and cuts along the muscle beside the nose. I did this to help fix the issues of having so many triangles.)


It was also at this point that I mirrored the geometry and combined it. At this point I was able to add asymmetry to the face, making it more natural looking.