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Castle Borealis – Palace of the Ice Wyrms

As I had just completed a desert landscape, I wanted to try to do the opposite; a polar landscape.

At the North Pole stands Castle Borealis, a gigantic palace made entirely of ice crafted by the sorcerer Niiros thousands of years ago as a gift to his mate. It has the very organic appearance of water being funneled up through the sea ice and bent into towering spires and twisting gates. Every night the palace lights up and out of it’s massive spire shines the northern lights.

The elusive and magical Ice Wyrms reside here: wingless, furry Draconians who possess great knowledge and power.


When it came to choosing a world to draw for the Concept Art section of this project, there was only one thing I could do: Draw Ambrion.

Ambrion is the world I have been developing since I first learned how to draw when I was just a toddler. Over the years this world has grown alongside me and has become a massive part of my life. Everything in this world has come straight from my heart; from its landscapes, to its lore and its inhabitants. Unfortunately I haven’t had an awful lot of time to draw the many locations and events from this universe, so I took this as a great opportunity to finally show the world my creation.


This is a rather old, dramatised and scruffy map of the Shadow Ring, the main hub of life and civilisation in Ambrion. It is located within an ancient crater the size of Europe and consists of Nine Provinces. More information on the Nine Provinces can be found on my DeviantART:

An ongoing series of mine that will explain the the origins of Shadow Ring and how its inhabitants ended up the way they were is my Audioplay ‘The Fire and the Phoenix‘. It is currently only standing at one episode, but a second will be released in 2016.