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Unfortunately a lot of my earlier modelling work is saved on one of the Macs in CarlJr, so I shall retrieve those later. For now I have screenshots of some of my more ambitious modelling on Maya work.

spyro1 spyro2 spyro3

I attempted to model Spyro the Dragon from memory. Though I am pleased with the outcome he does kind of fall into the uncanny valley and is rather frightening to look at. Oh well, everyone has to start somewhere. Some day I will master modelling dragons!

lawn1 lawn2 lawn3 lawn4

We decided to make multiple rooms for our house modelling project. Myself an Oisin Cash decided to work on an unkempt garden with scraggly grass and a dead tree. That is a hot tub in the top right corner. I tried to add water to it but, quite clearly, I haven’t gotten the hang of that just yet. I do like the dead tree with the tireswing though I didn’t add any textures to it at the time.

Spyro is sitting on the lawn chair because he wants to.

I did work on a much nice looking lawn with gradient changes on the ground and some boulders and a broken fence, but Maya crashed on me before I could save it. The first image is an early screenshot of that first garden.