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All the feedback I received on the showreel was positive, though I will continue to update it every few months.


Originally, I wanted to use an instrumental of Coldplay’s “Charlie Brown”. It’s one of those songs that I think are more enjoyable without the lyrics, and the music itself is very optimistic and bouncy, and I honestly thought it would be perfect for my showreel.

Unfortunately it turns out we cannot use copyrighted music for our showreels, so we have to go looking for the royalty free tracks.

There was one track called “Christmas Rap” on¬† that I considered using because of it’s bouncy yet chill mood, but it got a little grating on the ears after a while.

In the end I settled with this royalty free track I found on YouTube.

What I wished to include

I wished to portray my love of 3D and 2D animation, but also my flexibility when it comes to modelling and scene assembly (to name a few).

I want to include:

To this day, this is still my favourite piece of work I have produced at University. I modeled the characters, countertops, did the scene assembly, lighting and also did the majority of the animation. I felt like this film showcased many of my main abilities, as well as my flexibility when it comes to other aspects of creating a 3D film.


This was actually part of a large project that would showcase a bunch of other people’s animations directed by myself.

I really liked this animation because it was one of my early tests at composition, and also showcased a character reacting to her environment.


Another of the short films created for a university project. I want to include Mad Maxine as I designed the characters, location and drew the storyboard. I also animated all of the scenes.


Splitworld is another favourite of mine. I want to include this video in my showreel to show off how I can animate in a stylised manner as well as in my regular drawing style.

This is an animation I made around Christmas of 2014. This was one of my first attempts at utilising the rule of thirds and lines of action in an animation, and it still holds up as one of my favourite short animations that I’ve made. I also like the colours and the set up.

I want to add most of my 3D animations, especially the Wheatley lip-sync as I am very pleased with how they turned out. Though I do plan to go back and fix the body acting for the lip sync, and maybe fix the mouth movements too.


I also want to showcase some of my models. Though not my forte or even my personal favourite thing to do, I am rather pleased with many of my models, especially the Survival Suit (bottom right) and the vintage car (bottom left).