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Final Animatic


We finally started animating after I rearranged the Mission Control room. I animated the guards in Mission Control. Many tweaks still need to be made, such as some of the animation of the guards at their desks.

We cut the scene where the rocket boosters falling back to Earth because William from BillyGoat said he didn’t want to disrupt the iconic silhouette of Big Ben, so they’ve been scrapped altogether.

Animatic V3

The third version of the animatic. This time I added several of the 3D scenes that the rest of the team had made. Unfortunately, the 3D scenes in their entirety were really off in terms of timing, so these are the cut scenes that fit better with the music. Only the best looking scenes in 3D have stayed.

The scenes where the rocket (Big Ben) is flying into space and all the detachment segments were storyboarded by myself and animated by Matthew Hamill.

ending storyboard clean

The First Animatic

This first animatic was just to get a good sense of timing, story and atmosphere. The camera follows the Queen, who is invisible for the most part except for the bobbing crown. The royal guards make up the workers of Mission Control.



  • The secret door scene is awkward and rushed.
  • The scene where all the guards run towards the red carpet to salute the Queen is messy and needs better composition
  • The actual launch is long and drawn out.