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Working with Companies

Starting the new semester, we were yet again split into groups of four and assigned to work with actual companies in the industry to get a taste of what it’s like to work for a director with limited contact, and to meet a more specific brief.

Going into this project, I knew first hand that the end product was going to be very special for the client. I also have directed mini-projects that involved many different animators working towards a final complete film (referred to as Multi-Animator-Projects or MAPs within the animation community on YouTube).


The company we were assigned to work with is BillyGoat Entertainment, a video game developer based in Belfast, on their upcoming point-and-click sci-fi adventure/satirical comedy game, HMS Spiffing.

Their website can be found here:


We were tasked with creating an opening cinematic cutscene for HMS Spiffing that would also be used as the teaser trailer. There were a few specific features that were essential:

  • Opening on paintings/photos of famous British figures
  • Takes place in the Houses of Parliament
  • Royal Guards are in charge of Mission Control (that is also situated within the Houses of Parliament)
  • The HMS Spiffing shuttle is attached to Big Ben.
  • The cinematic ends with Big Ben being launched into space.