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End of Year Show Design and Branding


Taking into account our placement among the other projects, we noticed that we were going to be surrounded by relatively dark or muted colour schemes. Considering this element, we decided to make our project’s display as colourful as possible.


These ideas were mocked up by Callum Luckwell, and show off various different ideas on how we could display our project. We wanted to show a clear split between my work and Callum’s so potential employers wouldn’t get confused as to who’s work was who’s.

As we will have two computer monitors we decided to show the short film on one of them, and our showreels on the other.

Project Poster

After much brainstorming we settled on the title “Storm Within” for our film.

Following the general aesthetic of the film as a whole – that being painterly with very vibrant colours – I designed the poster so that it could properly represent the overall colour scheme and tone of the animation and represent its themes.


Business Cards

Before I cracked down to design my own business cards, I did a bit of research and looked at hundreds of examples of business cards created by professionals in the animation industry.

What I learned from looking at all of these examples is that it is paramount that one should display their personality very clearly on the card.

I decided that I should include my dragon character, Blaze, on my card, as I have used her to represent myself online for the past 10 years (as I could draw dragons before I could draw humans). I felt that she could accurately represent my personality and artistic skills.


business card_frontbusiness card_back


These images are not the final design for the business card, but will be the foundation for the final design. I decided to go for a more sketchy style as my style is very sketchy and organic, and I also felt that it would make the sharp rendering digital painting stand out all the more, and really pop against the rough sketchy background. Hopefully this will ensure that my business card is unique and memorable.