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End of Year Show Display

eoys booth previs

To begin, we used simple placeholders to lay out our idea for our stall, and also to to figure out all the sizes that we would need to print the pages.


We decided that we would divide the stall in two, with examples of my work on the left, and examples of Callum’s work on the right. My side would include concept art and character design, whereas Callum’s side would include models and renders.


I compiled a whole bunch of character drawings and environmental assets to use in the long portrait image that will be positioned to the left of the poster.  We decided to make this particular image really tall to add some variety to the format in stead of it being made up of mainly squares.



This previsualisation image is how we imagined the final layout would look in the end, and was out main reference for planning the prints.



This is a photograph of our final layout including all of our prints as well as our CVs and showreels. We planned to have our business cards printed out but issues involving the printing company meant that they were not printed in time for the deadline.

Despite this I am pleased with the overall layout and aesthetic, and hope to have the business cards printed very soon so they they may be added to the display.