3d Animatic

All the scenes and cameras have been set up in 3D, following the 2D animatic to the best of my abilities! To achieve this I had to play with perspective a little bit on the scenes; making some characters physically larger than they’re supposed to be to give a greater illusion of depth.


Animation Tests

While we were fixing the paint weights on the model for our main character, I went ahead and did a few animation tests.

I made a very simple rig consisting of a sphere and two ears to practicing conveying emotion with body language. As ears are a very big feature of a rabbit I decided to practice animating them.


This run cycle (both are the same animation just shown at different angles) was mage using the most usable version of the rabbit rig. This was mostly to see whether there were any major faults with the rig itself that would affect the geometry. As you can see there is a tiny bit of an issue with the elbows not being able to stretch fully outwards, but apart from that and a minor issue with the hips, everything seemed ok.
This dog rig was given to me to practice animating with as the model is similar in anatomy to the fat rabbits/warren. I decided to animate a lumbering hop-cycle similar to the walk that I was going to apply to the fat rabbits.

Skin weight Issues

After Callum built the model for our main character and set up the skeleton, I took it upon myself to fix the skin weights on the model.

Unfortunately this was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated, and many problems arose:

buttleg problempaintweights_problem_01paintweights_problem_02why

Unfortunately, trying to fix all of these issues resulted in us taking much longer than we had anticipated on the rigging process, and we had fallen behind on our schedule.

Updated Animatic

This is the second draft of our animatic.

Major changes involve:

  • Making the Warren more likable. They appreciate the company of Marshmallow and show concern for him when he doesn’t immediately cross the stream.
  • Timing changes. Some scenes that originally went by far too quickly have been lengthened. The same has been done for scenes that went on for lar too long, they have now been shortened by several frames.

Colour overlays were added to give us more of a guide on how to light/colour the scenes when it comes to that stage of production.


As the trees were going to be flat planes (with a tiny bit of curvature to hide the edges) it was going t be fairly easy to model complex and organic shapes. I drew several trees based on common european deciduous trees (Alder trees, mostly) and one (the thicker tree) was based on the Japanese cherry blossom or Sakura tree, as it was the only tree that exists in real life that I could find to match the shape of the tree on the hill.


Callum modelled the trees while I UV Unwrapped them and painted custom textures for the trunks, branches and painted image planes for the leaves.


These are all the custom images I made for leaves and miscellaneous shrubs that will be scattered throughout the undergrowth.

cherryblossom_leavesTree_leavesblackcurrent bushesMisc_shrubs


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