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Building the suit

I built the model of the child, the jumpsuit and the backpack:




Extra details made by Ceelie (4th Year)
Extra details made by Ceelie (4th Year) and Clare (2nd Year)

Backpack/Life Jacket Suit

The idea that everyone seemed drawn to the most was the full body “Survival Suit”

concepts 3 concepts 4

The idea was to have a 2-part multi-purpose survival suit (the jumpsuit and the backpack) aimed at children (as children under 18 make up 50% of the Syrian Refugees) that would be handed out at the refugee camps should the family choose to move on to another country. The jumpsuit would be made of a light, weather-proof material with elastic ankles and wrists, so the size is easily adjustable. The backpack/life jacket would be buoyant and study, thus being easy to carry and reducing strain on the child’s back, and would contain a water filtration device along with a water bottle, some high-carb food bars, a utility belt, and a small toy to distract and comfort the child during periods of stress.


concepts week 0

A list of various ideas that we thought could help the Syrian Refugee Crisis:

Realistic/Semi-Realistic Ideas:

  • Life jacket/backpack
  • Homing device/GPS
  • Submarine
  • A game to help distract the children
  • Drones that drop food

Crazier ideas:

  • Biodome City in otherwise inhospitable areas
  • Send them to Mars
  • Drones that can carry families away
  • Teleportation device

In the end we realised that this is a very sensitive ongoing topic, so we decided against doing anything that could be considered offensive. We narrowed down out ideas to Biodome and Life Jacket.