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Texturing Exercise

We were tasked with modelling and texturing an apple. This was my result:

Ambitious But Rubbish

I attempted to bring in a second character (the Max rig from 11 Seconds Club) to make the Jonas film more interesting. Unfortunately I am not yet competent enough in the craft to animate a four-limbed biped interacting with a lamp.

Jonas Animation

Though I did not rig the character myself, I attempted to create a short little story to make up for it.

The story is that one Jonas is lonely, and suddenly another Jonas hops into the scene and asks Jonas1 if he would like to hang out. Jonas1 gingerly accepts, but when Jonas2 acts excited that Jonas1 has accepted his proposal, Jonas1 lights up with joy and joins his new friend.


Conann shared with us a rig and tutorial for animating and rigging this lamp character called Jonas. I had some rather unfortunate issues with trying to rig and model this character; my poor old laptop would crash every single time IĀ attempted to parent anything. Instead I went straight on to animating the character.