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Instead of the usual lineart we were now encouraged to experiment with using the soft faces of the conte charcoal to create a very soft looking representation of three dimensional curves.

Harmonising multiple objects + perspective

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Honestly, I was a gigantic idiot and forgot to date any of my work, so the accuracy of the chronological order of the remaining posts is a bit iffy, I’m reconstructing this from memory.

Anyway, this time we were using the chessboard platform to help us with perspective drawing and posing with multiple objects without the perspective getting all weird. The floating blocks/horizon line exercise was a little tricky to get the hang of, but after practicing I soon began to understand how perspective zooms and angles work.

The female form + hands

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This week we had to draw the female form, which didn’t feel like too much of a change. Just more C-curves. Though I did miss the crazy poses Robert would take to challenge us to draw the strange ways the human body can move.

Hands are a lot of fun, they’ve never been something I was good at but I did try. Hands are evil things to draw.


photo 29 photo 30 photo 31 photo 32 photo 33 This week we were trying to apply our knowledge of basic shapes (that being cubes and spheres) to the human body to represent basic form. This basic form would then become the template on which to apply the cartoon character. This week we used Dirk the Daring and by god this was fun to do. His basic shapes are a half-circle for his torso and a tiny little cylindrical waist and rounded off with a pentagonal booty. He was surprisingly easy to draw onto Robert’s poses, I just need a little more practice and then it’ll look a little more professional.


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This week we were drawing Superman! This week was focussing more on applying our knowledge of Clark Kent’s facial structure (that being rather basic though I could never get it right) to Robert’s poses, so were drawing a cartoon face on the body of a real person. That was rather interesting 🙂


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Unfortunately some of my pages got damaged in the rain while waiting for a bus after uni. The smudges are unintentional.

We concentrated on using circles and lines to anchor points on a character’s face, this time using Winnie the Pooh who is apparently the easiest Disney character to draw (bullshit he’s bloody difficult)

The first image showing my attempts at using a sphere to create a face (and a cube to simulate a hat) was a nifty little exercise and one I think really helped me a lot in trying to get the proportions of Pooh’s face correct.Though drawing an identically sized sphere again and again was undeniably difficult, especially when we had to draw five frames of Pooh turning his head in-character and again but a sequence of facial expressions from happy to sad.

The homework we had for this week was to draw the inbetween of two separate poses of Robert with a big stick. The drawings on the far left and right of the page were the poses we observed first hand, the middle drawing was the one we had to imagine. This was a fun exercise if not challenging.