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Building a Website

I decided to build my website on Wix, as I have heard many good things about it; that it’s easy to use and allows for as much personalisation and customisation as you want.

I bought the domain name so the website is easy to find.

I decided to make use of my drawings as much as possible to give off a very colourful, friendly and ‘personal’ vibe, so I created custom buttons, a custom drawn background and overall the website contains very few features that were not made entirely by me.

I wanted to keep everything simple, too. I wanted to make sure that there was nothing that was unnecessary, and that everything felt genuine. The only pages that exist are the home page that gives a little information about myself and my showreel, and pages dedicated to a different medium (3D Animation, 2D Animation, Digital Art and Modelling), and one final page to contact me.