SplitWorld Typography

Now we had to make opening credits, movie style, for our world once we’d changed tables again. This time we had the Splitworld: a Light Side and a Dark Side.

This video was the final product of the previous group’s attempt at making an animatic for Splitworld. The general feedback was that the build up to something big and violent was very good, and the conflict between the two Worlds was interesting.

What everyone didn’t like however was the dancing pig.

fucking thing fucking thing2

These two images represent everyone’s emotions when it came to the dancing pig.


George Clooney Darksider represents everyone’s confusion at why the pig exists.

So, as the new masters of Splitworld, our team was burdened with the glorious task of making Splitworld as awesome as the first half of the animatic, and removing the silliness as best as we could.


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